poems what they say letters who he is


when your waiting

you feel like

whatever it is

your waiting for

will never happen


it can make you

crazy or uncomfortable

in yourself

or annoyed

or cranky

but there is

a time

for everytihing

and sometimes

your supposed

to wait

and if

you accept

the space of seemingly empty time

something happens

you get

a chance

to be

with yourself

and for

many of


that is

really really uncomfortable

but if you sit


the discomfort

something marvellous happens

you get




you experience

the great emptiness of peace like an expanding universe

and in that moment

as the stars fly out from you

you realise

that they

are all


and they

are infinite

so instead

of the

limited potential

of whatever-it-is-your-waiting-for.

you are living in a universe of unlimited possibilities

and you can thank god for making you wait and you can stop waiting and start being.