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The Nature of Violence

Let us get very straight about this. Violence is not inherent in a person. It is not inherited, it is not genetic. It is a matter of conditioning. It is not our natural state. Every act of violence, no matter what kind it is can be tracked to a cause. A cause that is in the person's past.

Nor are environmental conditions such as alcohol, mental illness and poverty causes of violence. They may be triggers, but they are not causes. They simply exacerbate a pre-existing condition.No, violence is programmed, and it is a very simple cause when you see what it is. Simple and obvious.

In the first 18 months of life, the brain is hard-wired to deal with the persons specific environmental conditions. A child that is exposed to a very noisy environment, for instance, will develop less acute hearing. Conversely, a child that develops in a very peaceful environment will develop extremely acute hearing. This is the reason that native peoples are reknowned for their acute senses.

A child that is hit, or shouted at or in other ways abused develops an ability to deal with that particular environmental condition. He develops the ability to tune out to violent emotional energy directed at him. Unfortunately, this means he also develops the ability to tune out to any other kind of emotional energy directed at him (all to varying degrees of course). Thus, a child who is abused tunes out of relationship, and becomes isolated. In this isolated state he grows and never really comes back unless he does some very hard work in healing himself. .. and let me say at this stage that we have all experienced this to some degree, even if our parents did not intend it, it is something we are all born in to. ....

In a healthy relationship, a child learns to tune with its parents. This is a very simple process where the parent and child mimic each other. The parent becaomes a mirror for the baby, the baby sees himself through the parent, and in the process learns what it means to be someone else. A properly tuned person/baby then understands how other people feel, making it virtually impossible for them to harm another person intentionally. They cannot hurt because they feel the same as the other person. This is the healthy, real state for a human being. It is essentially a state of oneness with others. In the future, I am sure that this process will improve and improve till people really are at one with each other. In the meantime.,, as I have already said, we are in a state that we were born into.

The other thing about this is that if you were not tuned you find it extremely difficult to tune with your child. ..to whatever degree you were tuned is the degree you can tune .. unless of course you have done some work on yourself... which many of us have done. Therefore, you have inherited your state of atunement from your parents, who had it from theirs (the real meaning of ´the sins of the fathers´) Thus you have been born into a collective human condition.

This condition, as it is now, is not natural or necessary. Its origins are from the days when we fought for our survival daily and therefore needed the ability to kill. We do not need to kill now, not anything, so we do not need that survival mechanism. It is now a matter of evolution, an evolution we must consciously adopt. In our crowded world, a far more useful survival tool is the ability to get on with other people, to see them as they see themselves. This is compassion. Compassion is the key to our survival and in order to develop it we need to tune.

It is also clear that if a person has never known a thing, that person will not know that they lack thereof. So when we think about what the real natural state of humanity is, it is difficult to say, as we have not actually experienced it, or not that we remember, or not that we accept anyway. But it is the children themselves that hold the key to that puzzle. There is not a child born to our race, that will not grow to be a loving and empowered person given the right input. Conversely, there is not one person amongst us who could not be turned into an outright psycopath given the right conditioning. But the tyendency for all people is to tend toward the path of love. If there is any inherent potential in humanity then it is this.


Reversing the effects of tuning out (good things for all of us to do)

Lack of atunement causes a specific brain chemistry. Generally a lack of important chemicals responsible for well being, such as serotonin and noradrenalin. In order to increase ones well being, and therefore decrease one´s tendency toward violence, or depression or any other dis-ease of one´s emotional state, one needs to assist oneself in reaquiring a balanced brain chemistry. This can be done by the use of neutroceuticals, which are important refined products naturally found in foods ... or one can go straight to the source. Fresh air, Fresh food and Fresh Water and an environment free of pollutants are very important. By pollutants I also mean microwaves, adverse electro-magnetic fields and radioactive pollutants such as concrete. The human organism functions best in a natural environment.

So provide yourself with these things and if you cannot, then you must lobby to change your environment. All beings on the earth have the right to these things.

But you can also come at this from within, as in change your mind, literally. The right environmental conditions will help your process but the real work will come from inside of you. You must choose thoughts. Choose what you think, and how you think it. You must train your mind with good soul food.

Many violent acts, when described by the perpetrator, are done before thought occurs. They are caused by a hair-trigger effect. Someone says something or something happens and pow! its over. To overcome this one must train one's mind to the degree that the training bypasses the habitual reactive pre-condition.

Essentially, the goal is to create a consistently happy state of mind. So use neutroceuticals (look them up on the net), eat right and drink lots of fresh water and go for walks in the sun consistently. And create for yourself a state of mind that knows no unhappiness, so you are not easily put out of your consistent state of well-being.