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Refugees return to bleed at our doorstep
Their crying eyes turned pleading to the door
Their hands stretched out to open the world
To open the ears and hearts of us

Crying blood from war-wounded eyes
Tired of life
Carrying more than you or I
Could ever bear and what do we do but stare

And stand frozen
Hating them and ourselves for being in it
And hating the idea that it exists
And trying so hard to pretend it doesn´t

But it does and there is no escape
No turning back and no avoidance
The world must change and those dispossesed
Returned home, all of them, every one
Every single one

For none of us can come to the kingdom of god
Unless we all come to the kingdom of god
And it takes but one of us to take us all there
But we cannot avoid the crying bleeding stare
Of our brothers and sisters and expect to arrive anyfuckingwhere