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Ode to Sydney

A Fantasy, An adventure
A starfish-like
sleek placenta
clings to the world wind
and stretches in
like an elastic mind bladder

an eruption of corruption
and an engine of destruction
sweeps down this sodden street
this street of suck and cess
this pirates nest
this city of faux success

where he who survives is
he who is richest
or he who sucks the best

in fantasy and perversity
this city of adventure
sucks earths womb
like a vicious placenta

and gives birth to
agents of corruption
engines of destruction
children of the crucifixion

nailed up by a needle full of heroin
in jail for being a black man
ashamed lovers in caravans

giving it all away to the bank
ashamed to wank
nobody knows why

right now outside
another sucker of the nest dies
and is swept away

and this filthy city does not change
because its built to be that way
afraid, forever afraid.