poems what they say letters who he is


enlightenment means being and light
It means being light
It means being truly being
and truly light
weight is its opposite
to be enlightened
one must shed weight
one must shed all that weighs
so that one may ascend like a feather
on an updraft
as if lifted by god´s hand

so shed what weighs you down
and don´t be decieved
for we often think that what is good to have
is weight, baggage.
things weigh you down,
cars are heavy things
they make you heavy
you get protective
you fear their going
the fear makes you heavy
thoughts are heavy
mind is heavy
the heart is heavy
ego weighs you down
perceptions weigh
beliefs weigh you down
you believe you are those things
and it makes you heavy

the only thing that is not heavy
that is light
is nothing
nothing is light
and light is nothing
objects exist and bodies too
and they are there
but they are not you
they are things
and you are not things
you are light.

it is your relationship to things
that makes you heavy
and makes you not light
and therefore steals your enlightenment.
your eyes see light
even though it is nothing
so there is a divine relationship
between you and light
if your eyes will not see things
then they will be filled with light
and you will see things as they are
which is really nothing
which is light.

and you will not be those things
you will not be heavy
you will be light
and you will be what you are
which is nothing, light.
this is the future of mankind
to be light
it cannot be denied
and the denial of it
will only make you heavier
which will cause you suffering
give up, empty out,
surrender to the tenderness of nothing
so that you may not suffer anymore
and so that your children will not suffer anymore
and your children´s children.
don´t do anything
just don´t DO
and just be (nothing)
which is light